L. S. Dryden · Poetry


Fears and tears

Beneath the surface 

Though unseen

Borne in silence. 


Failure and loss

Valued lessons

Right and wrong 

A sense of direction. 


Across the spectrum

A field of pleasures

Joy and hope

Great adventures.


Thoughts cast doubt

Or fire you up

Set your mind

Tread your path.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry


Caught in the crossfire

Of the drama called life

Would learn to take cover

Or get hurt in the strife.

Began to discern

That walls could serve as


To keep away the pain

And thus began to build.

On every side they rose

The left, right, back and front

The fort that kept you safe

Began to make you distant.

Break down the walls

End the isolation

Let those feelings through

Reach out build connections.

And though your heart may break

A risk that’s worth taking

It’s love, joy and friendships

That make life worth living.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

More Than Enough

You don’t have to pretend

To be someone you’re not

Be true to who you are

Make use of what you’ve got.

Though battle-scarred and bruised

No need to hide your flaws

Tell tale signs of courage

Through hardship, failure, loss.

No need to mask your tears

Behind feigned smiles made up

Intense feelings captured

In every single drop.

You’re perfect as you are

So gracious and tough

You deserve to succeed

You are more than enough.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

Year-end Reflections & New Year’s Resolutions

One year ends, a new one begins

Filled with heartfelt gratitude

For those who believed in me

When I didn’t think I could.

The trials that came along

Pushed me to the limit

They taught me to be strong

To face my fears and not quit.

Rushing through with lots to do

When this thought on me dawned

It’s life well-lived that matters

Not how much you get done.

Looking forward to the promise

Of a future that is bright

Make the world a better place

Strive to do what’s good and right.

To live and learn and laugh and love

To take the time to listen

Make an effort to be kind

Become a better person.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry


Pushed to the brink

My beloved’s life threatened

Scared and helpless

Unprepared for what could happen.

Kept going on

Held myself steady

Looked up to the heavens

I had to be ready.

From somewhere within

I felt a loving presence

Amid the chaos

A quiet reassurance.

As my beloved recovers

I have a bit of solace

Hope in my heart

Though nothing is ever certain.

My ordeal is not over

This life lesson is tough

I’m digging my heels in

Must be strong for both of us.

This experience has changed me

Worrying doesn’t do much

I must be unafraid

The Lord is with me I trust.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry


Sometimes I wonder

How it came to be

That my choices led me here

On this road to my destiny.

The  mentors to guide me

The lessons I gained

There was a divine plan

Nothing was left to chance.

Something was resonating

From within my very soul

Like I was being summoned

And I yearned to respond.

To be the medium for the message

That is my calling

To speak my truth and do my best

I am grateful to be blessed.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

Moving On

When you left I was stunned
Could not understand why
In the aftermath I wondered
What else could I have done?

So much emptiness inside
A part of me was gone.
A heart devoid of feelings
A world without a sun.

I wallowed in misery
Till all the tears dried up
Came to grips with the grief
Then enough was enough.

Found my own closure
And began to see hope
Rediscovered my smile
I finally moved on.

Got back in the game
A new chapter unfolding
A future arising
Let the adventure begin.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

Because of You

Caught up in life’s frenzy

Trying hard not to drown

You gave me space and let me be

Helped me to calm down.


Standing at the crossroads

Torn which way to go

Your quiet words of wisdom

They lit my way, they let me know.


On days when I felt insecure

You raised my spirits up

You gave me your full confidence

I dared reach for the top.


And in my finest moments

You proudly cheered me on

Stepping back you let me shine

The honor was not mine alone.


I can’t thank you enough

For the love and what you do

I made it through the toughest times

I got to soar because of you.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

An Ode to Friendship

When we first met long ago

Didn’t think we would click

Somehow we would learn about

What made each other tick.

Like the fox and the little prince

Our respect and trust grew

Saw the best and worst in us

Quirks and temperament too.

When we went through tough times

We stood by to offer

An ear, shoulder, helping hand

Found solace in each other.

Decades later here we are

Learning as we go along

We’ve come so far as friends

The ties that bind us are strong.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

The Things We Say

We go ahead and say

Whatever comes to mind

Not thinking that our recklessness

Is hurtful and unkind.

We tend to render judgements

So freely and so rash

As if we knew the details

As if we knew the facts.

We can be indiscreet

Then waste our time in gossip

The pains and lies we spread

Let’s mind our words instead.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Poetry


From the moment we open our eyes

We choose what to perceive

Resplendent beauty all around

Or the ugly and the negative.

It’s how you view the world

That determines what you see

Not cloud but silver lining.

Not challenge but opportunity.

It’s up to you to decide

How to regard your circumstance

To be happy in life is a matter of choice

Not just a matter of chance.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

Reality Bites

In my mind’s eye I could see

A world of wondrous beauty

Everyone has what they need

And every heart is happy.

I blinked and saw the scene change

As reality set in

Suffering and poverty

Defaced what I had seen.

Although a bit disheartened

I forge ahead determined

The goal is to get closer

To life as I imagined.

L. S. Dryden


L. S. Dryden · Poetry

Motive for Kindness

The souls we meet

In paths we’ve been

Some bearing smiles,

Some stoic mien.

And underneath

Where none can see

Our burdened hearts

Enchained, unfree.

So when they tend

To overwhelm

The silent wars

Waged in our realm

Be kind despite

This plight of man

We all just do

The best we can.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

Behind the Pseudonym

Anonymity is bliss

Anonymity is liberating

Fame just feeds the ego

Fame is fleeting.

Every labor of love

Each work of art

Hints of my soul

Glimpses into my heart.

The message, the rhythm

The symphony of lyrics

These are the essentials

Not renown or merit.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Prose

Tips on Tiffs

When you’re in love, everything’s perfect.  Feels like a match made in heaven.  The happily ever after you’ve always dreamed of.  You wish it would stay that way.

Reality check. Things won’t always be going smoothly. There’s bound to be bumps down that road.  There’ll be snags along the way.

Squabbles and misunderstandings will arise however much you guard against them.   While they’re a menace to relationships, they somehow serve a purpose.  They help couples get to know themselves and understand each other better.

Having had my share of tiffs, I’m beginning to have a better understanding of this aspect of relationships.  Here’s a rundown of things I’ve learned thus far. There’s more I need to know for sure but this is a good start.

 You are not perfect. Neither is your partner. Both of you have shortcomings. Be more accepting and forgiving of each other.  Don’t get into the habit of faultfinding.

Pointing fingers at each other doesn’t help.  Remember, when you point a finger 3 more are pointing back at you.  Stop thinking you’re right and your partner is wrong.   Swinging to the other extreme and acting like the aggrieved party doesn’t help either.

You’ll never be exactly the same.  Sometimes your views or choices will differ.  That’s normal because you’re two separate individuals.  Remember this is not a contest or a power struggle.  Compromise or agree to disagree.

Don’t try to change your partner.  No one wants to be controlled or manipulated.  If there’s something you want to change, start with yourself.  Once you’ve changed, your partner may respond accordingly.

Your partner is not a mind reader.  Express your thoughts and feelings.  This includes even those small issues that bother you.  Don’t trivialize them.  Don’t sweep them under the rug lest they fester and cause a major and oftentimes misplaced emotional outburst.

Don’t keep scores of each other’s faults.  In that kind of competition, no one wins.

It’s easier to settle issues when you discuss and not argue.  In bringing up a concern, remember that your timing,  approach & tone make a lot of difference.   Going on the offensive puts your partner on the defensive.  You will have better chances of getting answers if you calmly ask the right questions.

Never take your partner’s feelings for granted.  Always appreciate each other.  Don’t get tired of saying “I love you. Please. Thank you.”  The little things count a lot.

Let love be a constant.  When in a tiff, make a distinction that the issue is about not liking what was said or done.  Hate the sin but love the sinner.

Don’t meet fire with fire. If one is fuming mad then it is not a good time to discuss. Don’t engage. Let it pass. But if you must speak, choose your words wisely.  Keep it short. No need to shout and swear. A flair for the dramatics will just aggravate the situation.

Remember that there are two sides to every situation.  When having a misunderstanding, clearly explain yourself then listen with an open mind to your partner’s side of the story.  You’re not the only one getting hurt, you know. You both have a point.

Never let pride get in the way.  Saying “I’m sorry” (even when you know you’re right) and admitting your mistakes make a big difference.

Don’t let squabbles drag on.  Settle them and move on.  Get on with the loving.

Finally, once tiffs are settled, stop bringing them up again.  This is one situation where sequels won’t do you any good.

With every dispute, life is trying to teach us lessons. Learn them. Once we know better, we do better.

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

My Inner Dialogue


Not really sure how it is I feel

Not really clear what it is I want

Wondering where all this will lead

Is this path even the right one?

I fight my fears I push myself

Determined to keep going

Not knowing where I’m headed

Still I trust I’ll get my bearing.

As time goes by it dawns on me

I am not lost just searching

Discovering my heart’s desire

For wisdom, purpose, meaning.

L. S. Dryden

L. S. Dryden · Poetry

A Return to Poetry

Silenced for so long

But the urge never gone

Decades denied

Buried deep inside.

Then a yearning arose

Like a whisper to the soul

So soft, so readily ignored.

Unquenched a gnawing hunger grew

Demanding to be heeded

To be repressed no more.

Until pent reflections overflowed

Quiet ponderings were voiced

Resonated loud and clear

In verses honest and raw.

Have come full circle

To where it all began

Emotions flooding in

Thoughtful musings finding form

On this day, the poet in me…reborn.

L. S. Dryden